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Anthony-Smith Law, P.A. is a plaintiff oriented law firm, located in the Metro-west area of Orlando, Florida. We are a general civil litigation law firm, with experience in: corporate formation, homeowner insurance disputes, insurance disputes, slip and falls, automobile accidents, construction disputes, medical malpractice, and wrongful death.

Here at Anthony-Smith Law, P.A. we make sure the scales of justice work for you. We advocate for our clients both inside and outside of the courtroom. It is our mission to fight for those individuals who feel violated and ignored by unsympathetic insurance companies.

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Coretta Anthony-Smith
Coretta Anthony-Smith


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Dave T. Sooklal


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Vanessa Merassaint


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Peter Hagood

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At Anthony-Smith Law, P.A. our goal is to zealously fight for the rights of our clients and make sure their needs always come first. We have more than a decade of combined insurance experience. Fighting for You FIRST!


work injuries
automobile accidents
Homeowners Insurance

“Personal injury” cases are legal disputes that arise when one person suffers harm from an accident or injury.

Accidents involving tractor trailers often result in catastrophic damages and severe injuries.

When a rider is the victim of automobile negligence, they are less protected than those in automobiles.

All auto accidents are traumatic; even more so when they involved a DUI driver.

Practically everyone has been the victim of car accident, or has known someone close who has been.

Guiding you through each and every aspect of your homeowners insurance claim disputes.

Workplace injuries are an everyday occurrence in the United States, and Florida is no exception.

Slip and fall applies to a broad range of cause for injuries a person may suffer when someone slips,

When coming into contact with a moving motor vehicle, a pedestrian or bicyclist often has little or no protection from impact.

The unnecessary death of a family member is one of the worst events that anyone can experience.